BCP Academy

Since starting in Business Continuity Planning (it was can Disaster Recovery Planning then), the same questions are always asked.

What is it?


Is it a lot of work?


I don’t know where to begin, can you help?


Are there classes that could help me?


To help answer these (and a plethora of other questions), we developed the KingsBridge BCP Academy!

The Academy has many different components to it, these include: BCP Classes to help you through the fundamentals of BCP from TRA to Maintenance.  If the Classes aren’t for you (you’ve done a variety of other classes), you really just need tools to justify why you should be doing BCP, we have a Return On Investment (ROI) calculator to help you put a price to BCP and determine the value of your plan.  As a lot of companies already have something in place, yet might be missing a corner piece, we’ve added Resources to help polish your response for the auditors.  Last, but not least, are our Webinars!  These webinars are the recording of either a DRJ or CI webinar that we deliver throughout the year.





No People, Building, Systems, Vendors White-paper


Flexible BCP Webinar

5 Pain Points Webinar

BCP Software or BCP Consultant Webinar

Jump your BCP Hurdles Webinar


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