BCP Academy

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) has had a lot of names over the years.  Initially, it was called Recovery Planning, then it migrated to Emergency Planning, then it became the more familiar Disaster Recovery Planning and now it’s on to Business Continuity Planning.  KingsBridge’s BCP Academy is here to address the following questions:

What is it?

Is it a lot of work?

I don’t know where to begin, can you help?

Are there classes that could help me?

The Academy has many different components to it, these include:

BCP Classes to help you through the fundamentals of BCP from completing your Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) to the ongoing Maintenance.  These classes will step you through each part of BCP in a short session with a simple exam at the end.  Once the exam is completed, you will receive a KingsBridge BCP Academy diploma showing that you are a knowledgeable planner.

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If classes aren’t for you and you really only need tools:

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Return On Investment (ROI) calculator to help you put a price to BCP and determine the value of your plan.  With a quick (and simple) calculation, we can show you the money post per minute your business isn’t operating at normal levels.  While BCP might appear to be a business cost, it’s actually more along the lines of pre-insurance.

Resources to help polish your response for the auditors.  A lot of our customers go through regular audits of their BCPs and these are some of the checklists we’ve developed to help make sure you’ve got your bases covered before your next audit.

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Webinars to help round you into the best BCPlanner you can be.  We cover all sorts of topics and have them posted here for you to use as you see fit.  These webinars are the recordings of either a Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) or Continuity Insights (CI) webinar so you can be confident in their quality and content.