Shield your business from Chaos

Shield your business from Chaos!

Your business is critical and you want to shield your business from chaos.  This is easier said than done, luckily there is KingsBridge and Shield.

To learn how you can shield your business from chaos with a simple BCP (Business Continuity Plan), we gave each part of BCP a face (it’s easier to deal with something you can see).  We have chaos being represented by Chaos the Dragon, we have your business being represented by the castles and we have our hero, King Phoenix with his trusty shield protecting your business.

Throughout the website and all of our information, you’ll see we refer back to Chaos, Castles, Shields and King Phoenix.  We want to make sure we keep BCP in a simple mindset, so you don’t have to struggle to keep the terms straight.

Look closely at “Chaos the Dragon” throughout out this website!  He is what you are trying to beat, you’ll see the threats listed on him, almost like graffiti.

As chaos threatens your business and dragons threaten castles, we’ve represented your business by a castle because castles were your prized possession and you want to protect them at all costs.

And what is better to defend your castle than a King? A king that has the knowledge, experience and tools to increase your success.  So the defenders of your castle is “King Phoenix” and his Shield!

King Phoenix is here to Shield your business from Chaos with a simple BCP.  Turn the page and follow his journey as he battles Chaos

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