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When it comes to Business Continuity Planning Services, there aren’t many companies with a longer history than KingsBridge. Since 1983 we have been developing plans in all the corners of the world. Our experience and expertise allows us to work in any vertical market, in any country in the world. We streamline the process of consulting to minimize our impact on your business and your daily activities.

Our services range from mentoring to complete plan creation.  Check out your budget, available time and schedule to help you choose from one of our packages.  Find the right model for building your plans out of the offerings below.  Not sure you can get the budget, or having trouble getting any budget?  Try our Return On Investment (ROI) calculator to see how much an incident is costing your business.

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Gap Analysis

So you have some plans that have been built over the years depending on what incident caught the eye of your business.  Now you want to create a comprehensive recovery plan.  However, you don’t know how it will stack up, you don’t know the guidelines that auditors will be using and you don’t have the time to do it wrong.  Let KingsBridge’s Business Continuity Services group perform a Gap Analysis for you!  We can provide a clear idea of what you should be planning for to pass your pending audit.  Most of the time a Gap Analysis can be performed off-site with a quick turn around time.  Here are some more details of what it includes:  

  • A high level review of your Business Continuity Plan, comparing it to the standards that your business is being measured against.  This may include regulatory bodies like FFIEC, NCUA, SEC, HIPAA, or a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that your client requires.  If you want to know if your plan is a good foundation because there are no regulations that apply to you, we identify gaps where standard content is not referenced.
  • A Consulting Report that identifies these gaps.
  • Suggestions for plan improvement.
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Just like a fitness coach or trainer, let KingsBridge lend our knowledge to your team,  Reach out to us on an as needed basis to help you through the planning process.  It’s important that you have an expert you can ask questions to when you get to a sticky part of your planning.  And we won’t peer over your shoulder at each step!  KingsBridge’s Business Continuity Services only use experienced planners who also do onsite work, so they are very knowledgeable about what will (and won’t) work for you business.  Mentoring includes:

  • 8 hours of a coach’s time to be used within a 3 month window.
  • Introductory phone call to discuss business operations and the best method for plan development.
  • Advice on how to complete the Threat Risk Assessment.
  • Advice on how to complete the Business Impact Analysis.
  • Guidance on plan and project development.
  • Guidance on business continuity strategies.
  • Advice on how to exercise your Business Continuity Plan.
  • Suggestions on how to maintain your Business Continuity Plan using a Business Continuity Management Program.
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Jump Start

Is your business more complex than your recovery planning can handle?  Do you need to hear/see recommendations from a KingsBridge Business Continuity  Services expert instead of a voice through the phone?  The Jump Start option may be the solution you’re looking for!  A Jump Start is a crash course on how we’ve done BCP since 1983. This is a 2-day onsite/ 1-day off-site that includes:  

  • Learning about your business before we arrive onsite.
  • Account set up and prep in Shield, our BCP solution.
  • An overview of the Business Continuity Planning process.
  • Administrator training so you can leverage the same power of Shield that we do.
  • Completing the Threat Risk Assessment.
  • Training on how to complete one business unit’s Business Impact Analysis survey.  You will learn how to complete the rest for when KingsBridge leaves.
  • Completing a BCP interview.  You will learn how to phrase questions to get the information you need for your plan.
  • An overview of different BCP strategies.
  • 7 hours of KingsBridge Mentoring time is available after the onsite.  Use it to answer any questions you have throughout the rest of your plan development process.
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Fast Track

The granddaddy of KingsBridge’s Business Continuity Planning Services.  The Fast Track is a complete solution that only requires your teams to provide us with supporting databases and two hours of their time.  KingsBridge takes the information learned in each session, and cross references and double checks it to write your plan.  Once you’ve reviewed the first draft, KingsBridge integrates the updates and delivers a second draft of your BCP.  KingsBridge does all of the heavy lifting (to borrow a term from a client) for your plan development.  This is the solution tailored for the company that doesn’t have the spare cycles to do much (or any) of the work themselves.  The Fast Track solution is also the one that has the shortest delivery time frame.  If you are working against a firm deadline, it’s time to get on the Fast Track to a complete BCP.  We will:

  • Get to know you, your business and your customers on a start up phone call.
  • Source databases to start building your plan.  These may include:
    • Personnel
    • Clients
    • Suppliers
    • Hardware
    • Software
  • Complete a Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) with your Management team.
  • Complete a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) with each of your business units.
  • Interview all of your business units to determine suitable business continuity strategies.
  • Cross reference expectations and requirements to ensure there are no gaps, or identify those gaps that need a longer term solution.
  • Build your plan using Shield.
  • Provide a Consulting Report that includes identified risk mitigation measures.
  • Provide recommendations for next steps.
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With your plan built (either by KingsBridge or on your own) your next step is to exercise it.  Exercising lets you see if the recovery assumptions you’ve made are accurate and executable.  KingsBridge Business Continuity Services will come onsite to confirm follow up on outstanding plan improvement tasks, confirm those that are complete, and identify any loose ends.  KingsBridge will:

  • Review the existing Business Continuity Plan.
  • Develop a scenario relevant to the organization that rotates with each visit to ensure all aspects of your plan are exercised.
  • Complete an onsite tabletop exercise.
  • Complete plan updates (Shield users only).
  • Provide a Consulting Report that includes identified risk mitigation measures.
  • Provide recommendations for next steps.
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Don’t have time to keep your plan current with your business changes?  Does your business simply change too quickly for you to keep up?  KingsBridge Business Continuity Services has a solution for you!  Our services team will schedule maintenance intervals of 1, 2, 3 or 4 months depending on your needs.  The time as well as the solution is completely customizable for your business:

  • Routine updates of the Personnel table.
  • Routine updates of all other data tables as needed.
  • Complete updates to the plan as requested.
  • Review the plan on a regular basis.
  • Follow up on outstanding action items.
  • Review and update the BIA.
  • Provide a summary of organizational use of Shield to Plan Administrators.
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Everyone hates being audited, plain and simple.  We will help make sure your plan is ready for your Auditor so they don’t find anything that will cause your company any grief or penalties.  Let KingsBridge Business Continuity Services review your plan before the Auditors to ensure you only get favourable feedback.  If there are gaps or areas of concern, you get a head start to make sure your plan is ready for Auditor review.  The KingsBridge Audit service consists of:

  • Detailed confirmation of existing documents against a set (or sets) of your industry guidelines.
  • If your industry doesn’t have guidelines or specific regulations, we will perform a detailed check against BCP best practices to ensure your plan exceeds expectations.
  • A Consulting Report that identifies areas where documentation does not exist.
  • Identification of areas that do not meet the guidelines/best practices.
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Some Services Customers:

Farm Bureau Health Plans

Farm Bureau Health Plans, Columbia, Tennessee

Developed a complete recovery and continuity plan for this Health Insurance Plan provider. They use KingsBridge Shield to manage and maintain their plans while using KingsBridge Services for ongoing plan exercising.


Progressive Impressions International, Bloomington, Illinois

Developed a complete recovery and continuity plan for this direct marketing and printing company. They use KingsBridge Shield to manage and maintain their plans while using KingsBridge Services for ongoing plan exercising.

Original Smith Printing

Original Smith Printing, Bloomington, Illinois

Developed a complete recovery and continuity plan for this printing company. They use KingsBridge Shield to manage and maintain their plans while using KingsBridge Services for ongoing plan exercising.

Frontier logo

Frontier Behavioral Health, Spokane, Washington

Developed a complete recovery and continuity plan for this Washington State based Behavior Health Care Provider. Leveraging KingsBridge Shield to manage their continuity plans, Beam notification to communicate quickly with their people and KingsBridge Services for plan exercising and maintenance.

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