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If there is ANY part of Business Continuity Planning that doesn't make sense, don't hesitate for a moment to Contact us! As you've seen on our site by now, KingsBridge is ALL ABOUT making your Business Continuity Simple & Secure.  It is critical in an event that you (and your team) can think clearly and concisely.  For that reason, we lay out SHIELD and all of our Services work to ensure your BCP is easy to use and you aren't fighting with it on top of everything else.

Some simple BCP take aways

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Contact Us via chat

Feel free to contact us immediately with our Live Agent tool that pops up in your browser. You see it there? Down to the left... little tab... yup, that's it! Click it and say "Hi".
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Contact Us via phone

If you want to speak to a human, just give us a shout at 1-888-246-6642.  We're always happy to talk and we want to give you a good "Contact Us" experience, so bring your questions, bring your thoughts as long as they are BCP related, we're happy to grab a coffee, pull up a chair and chat about BCP in general or your specific BCP needs.


34 Blair Park Rd, Suite 104 Williston, VT, USA 05495-7534

Box 515, Metcalfe, ON, Canada K0A 2P0
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