It happens every year at the same time.  With the weather being unpredictable as it is, you would think that we would know how to weather any storm.  Just like with hurricanes, our business continuity/disaster recovery plans are susceptible to the storms that might happen in the day-to-day running of our businesses.

Are you watching the forecast?

We all know the importance of planning.  We spend countless hours preparing for that long awaited family trip to the beach or trip of your dreams to some exotic destination.  When it comes to your business continuity/disaster recovery plan do you need to be as diligent?  When you are planning for the next project, proposal, new client meeting, are you asking yourself, will this affect my plan?  Are you setting time aside on a regular basis to review and make revisions to your plan?  If not, start now!

Are you changing your way to navigate the storm?

Now that you are focused and aware of how changes affect your plan, are you making changes to keep your plan up-to-date?  Are you looking at ways to simplify your plan?  Often, we make changes to our business to take advantage of new technology.  Are you doing the same for your plan?

Can you survive the unpredicted?

Sometimes it’s not the hurricane that will stop us in our tracks, it can be something simple.  Does your plan provide for the basics?  What would happen if you went to the office in the morning and you had no power?  What happens if the receptionist spills coffee on the switchboard?  Can your clients calls get through?  Does your plan provide for the basics?

What will it cost you?

Can your business survive a storm that puts you out of your office?  What if you lose your client database?  Can you afford to be shut down for 1 day, 3 days or 1 week?  Do you know the dollar amount associated with even one day of business interruption?

Knowing the cost makes planning more realistic.  In our current economy can you afford to be down at all?  Your plan becomes your road map and insurance policy to making sure your business with survive the next “hurricane”.

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