At KingsBridge we recognize that, while we use SHIELD every day and are very familiar with its layout, you have other competing priorities.  When you do have a chance to log in, you might need a couple of minutes to refresh your memory as to where to find everything.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something (or someone) who could lead you through the process?  In our ongoing effort to make BCP Simple and Straightforward, we’ve introduced the SHIELD Wizard!

If you’re also responsible for maintaining the business continuity program in your organization, you have added responsibilities!  In addition to maintaining the plan so it is ready in the event of an incident, you’re also responsible for making sure everyone else can access the plan.  Let the SHIELD Wizard take some of the load and step your teams through mundane things (like resetting their password).

The SHIELD Wizard is your Business Continuity Planning (BCP) assistant.  The Wizard is available 24/7 to make sure you (and your teams) get the simplest functions completed with the least amount of uncertainty possible.  If you are building/updating your plan and want to know how to upload your personnel data, just follow the Wizard.  Simply click on the blue question mark in the corner, select “Uploading Personnel to the Personnel Table” and follow the prompts.  Before you know it, your personnel table is up-to-date with no videos to watch or manuals to read.  The Wizard stepped you through the process and your task is done in seconds!

For the read only user…

The Wizard knows your Read Only users won’t be updating personnel, so it presents them with a list of functions they need most often:

  • Changing your password
  • Navigating around Shield

For the administrator… 

The Wizard knows the administrator uses SHIELD more frequently and requires more advanced functionality.  As a result, the Wizard presents the Administrator with a list of more robust functions:

  • Changing your Password
  • Navigating around Shield
  • Editing Plan Markup
  • Uploading Personnel to the Personnel Table
  • Building Planning and Recovery Teams
  • Granting User Access to Shield

The Wizard jumps to attention the first time a user logs-in, so you don’t have to go looking for it.  If you’ve dismissed the Wizard, it’s always available in the lower right-hand corner at any time.  Just click on the blue question mark, select the function you are trying to complete, and the Wizard will have you complete it before you know it.  This frees up time to get back to your other duties and makes you a more efficient Planner.

The SHIELD Wizard is the latest tool that KingsBridge has introduced to make sure that your planning is Simple and Straightforward.


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