What a week – and it’s only Wednesday!  The news reports are filled with reports of WikiLeaks scandals, bombings in Sweden, massive snowstorm in Ontario, and the latest release of diseases that pose a threat to every day people.  To top it off, let’s not forget the lay-offs of 600 employees at Yahoo. Not really feeling the holiday spirit these days when we browse news sites or listen to the news.

All of the events in our daily news feeds really have one underlying message: preparation is key.  You just never know what is going to happen. More often than not, we (yes, I’m including myself here….) live in a little bubble.  We believe that we are safe from the problems, disasters and troubles affecting others around the world.  How many times have you read a tragic news story and thought “thank goodness that will never happen to me”?


Well, not to be too blunt, but it’s time to start paying attention to what’s going on around you.  We’re 10 days away from Christmas and our newspapers are full of stories about recent and impending disasters.  What if you were one of hundreds of people stranded in your car on a snow-filled highway?  Would you be ready?  From reading the stories, some motorists were well prepared with emergency kits in their cars that included food, water, batteries, flashlights, and extra blankets.  Then there was the guy who only wearing a sweatshirt and jeans and he had less than half a tank of gas – yes, he was very very cold by the time he was rescued.


What about the security of your network?  Over Christmas and New Year’s there are likely to be less people in your office.  How are you going to be sure that the network is running at 100 per cent and there are no threats?


Sneezing or sniffing much lately? Yep – it’s that time of the year again and a recent report has revealed that we’re still very much at risk of catching a flu or cold that could be serious enough to put us in the hospital.

I bet you’re glad you don’t (or didn’t) work at Yahoo!.  Imagine getting laid off from your job only 10 days before Christmas…. Laid off from a company that everyone thought was stable and a “good place to work”.  I wonder if those laid off employees were ready with a savings fund and a back-up plan in the event of job loss.

All this to say, we can’t get too comfortable.  You never really know what is around the corner so it is crucial to be prepared for the worst case scenarios. No we’re not alarmists, but we don’t want to get caught out and we don’t want you to either!  It really does pay to be prepared, even with the small things:

  • Put together an emergency car kit
  • Run a threat risk assessment at your office
  • Make sure you have the latest flu shot
  • Put some money away in the event of a job loss or other threat.

So what are we saying?  Protect yourself, protect your home, and protect your business. Yes, this takes time and in some instances a bit of work.  The end result is that you will be ready for any threat or risk to yourself, your family or your business.  Let’s face it – it’s 10 days before Christmas and not one of us has the time to spend picking up the pieces from a disaster or threat that we could have easily prepared for.

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