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With the devastating natural disasters in 2017 (Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma to start), businesses are facing unprecedented recovery challenges.  The staff at KingsBridgeBCP would like to do what they can to help with respect to Natural Disaster BCP.

As businesses rebuild, the question of how to better prepare for next time will no doubt arise, yet under financially challenging conditions.  KingsBridgeBCP is assisting impacted businesses to plan for the future by offering a free 1-year Silver subscription to SHIELD – an online business continuity planning tool.  At the end of the year, users are welcome to export their plan to a PDF document and discontinue their subscription at no cost.

It might seem strange to have a Business Continuity Planning (BCP) software company so far removed from the impacted areas make this kind of gesture, but at the root of it all, KingsBridgeBCP is in business to help others keep their businesses successful (and in business).  While we are not directly impacted, this kind of destruction will impact all of us somehow.

This is a new offering and we will be adding Natural Disasters to our list below as they occur, but we will also take off old disasters as their impacts are felt less.  So don’t wait, make sure you contact KingsBridge today.

Businesses recovering from the Natural Disasters below can contact to secure their free subscription to SHIELD and begin their plan for future success.


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