Why Us?

At KingsBridge we strive for the right solution, for the best price, for your business.  Since the early days of Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning (BC/DR) we have educated our clients about the importance of clear, concise plans for them to follow.  Your BC/DR plan needs to be written in a way that everyone can understand it, and execute it, in the event of an incident.

Shield Software

Our Shield software is built on the globally accepted standards of the internet.  Every internet enabled device you have can connect to Shield without any issues.  Shield is built to be accessible all the time, regardless of what happens to your business (or ours, for that matter).  Because we are experts in the field of BC/DR, we know that our clients rely on us not to leave them in the lurch.  That is why we have taken extra care to ensure Shield is available to you when you need it.

On top of it’s availability, we build Shield to be straightforward to use when you need it most.  With each new feature it must pass the “parking lot” test.  That means we (literally) go out in the parking lot, stand there with smart phones or tablets, and try the feature so we can be sure it works 100% when you are not at your desk.  If it works, then it makes it to the next phase.  If it doesn’t (or it’s too hard to execute) we go back to the drawing board.  We believe when you buy a solution from us, you are putting your trust in us that we’ve put in the effort to make sure it works when you need it the most.  You can rest assured with Shield being the cornerstone of the KingsBridge solution that it Is Simple and Secure.

What is with the dragon?

While it might sound odd to use a dragon when you are talking about incidents that knock out your business, we couldn’t think of a better personification of the threats to your business.  Chaos the Dragon is designed to represent all of the threats and how they can impact your business (smashing thing, burning things, etc).  You will see Chaos challenge King Phoenix and his Shield in his continuous attempt to disrupt the most prized possession in the kingdom, the castle (or your business).

King Phoenix and his Shield

Kings Phoenix is a formidable soul.  He does everything he can to thwart Chaos before Chaos destroys the castle with the resources he has been provided (sound familiar?).  In this case, that’s a Shield and planning to be able to defeat a never tiring foe who can arrive at any given moment with destructive forces.  

Chaos the Dragon

King Phoenix

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