At KingsBridge we strive for the right solution, for the best price, for your business.  Since the early days of Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning (BC/DR) we have educated our clients about the importance of clear, concise plans for them to follow.  Your BC/DR plan needs to be written in a way that everyone can understand it, and execute it, in the event of an incident.  Every keystroke of our development team, when building our Shield software solution, is designed with you in mind.  Every keystroke of our services team, when developing your plans and writing your reports, is designed so that you don’t need a glossary to understand them.  The core value of KingsBridge is #ShieldYOURBusinessFromChaos and that starts with your BCP being simple and secure.  Everything we do revolves around that value.

Shield Software

Why free shield

Our Shield software is built on the globally accepted standards of the internet.  Every internet enabled device you have can connect to Shield without any issues.  Shield is built to be accessible all the time, regardless of what happens to your business (or ours, for that matter).  Because we are experts in the field of Business Continuity Planning, we know that our clients rely on us not to leave them in the lurch.  That is why we have taken extra care to ensure Shield is available to you when you need it.

On top of its availability, we build Shield to be straightforward to use when you need it most.  With each new feature, it must pass the “parking lot” test.  That means we (literally) go out in the parking lot, stand there with smartphones or tablets, and try the feature so we can be sure it works 100% when you are not at your desk.  If it works, then it makes it to the next phase.  If it doesn’t (or it’s too hard to execute) we go back to the drawing board.  We believe when you buy a solution from us, you are putting your trust in us that we’ve put in the effort to make sure it works when you need it the most.  You can rest assured with Shield as the cornerstone of the KingsBridge solution that it will #ShieldYOURBusinessFromChaos.

Our Services

While Shield is the cornerstone of KingsBridge, our services further set us apart from everyone else in the BC/DR field.  We can say that because of the way we do our services.  Anything that can be done remotely (for example gathering databases or learning about your business) is done remotely to minimize the impact on your business.  You are doing BC/DR to survive disruptions to your business, not create an interruption while writing your plan.

During meetings, we ask each team (business unit) to give us only two hours of their day.  At the end, you’ll receive a KingsBridge certified BC plan and supporting report with our findings and recommendations that is simple to read and understand.  This system has proven successful for untold clients.  So much so that Skip won the BCI North American Consultant of the Year in 2014.

Moving Forward

The current KingsBridge management team hasn’t been working in this field since 1983; Skip was 10 and Jason was 3.  KingsBridge is a second generation BC firm, we have seen the field from its beginning, when Business Continuity wasn’t even a term yet that describes this field.  We’re looking forward to seeing this field to its next phase where your information is available all the time/everywhere you need it.

This why we can confidently say that KingsBridge and Shield will #ShieldYOURBusinessFromChaos

The Team

Skip Williams

Skip Williams

With 20+ years of international business continuity consulting experience and the prestigious 2014 BCI Consultant of The Year award on his resume, Skip Williams has developed plans for every size of organization across dozens of business sectors. Skip’s straight talk approach and ability to cut through the industry’s buzzwords make it easy for his clients to understand what is expected of them.  Skip also allows humour and his demeanour to make consulting fun while still remaining focused on getting the job done.  KingsBridge has seen substantial growth over the last five years, and Skip has become a mentor to the additional staff members; sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience to give them a head-start to their own successful careers in BCM.

Jason McCormack

Jason McCormack

As the co-pilot at KingsBridge, Jason works behind the scenes building out the Shield tool to reflect the needs of our users. He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering from Carleton University. Jason has contributed to designing and producing embedded software products that have run on BMW’s, Smart TVs, airplane entertainment systems and digital cable boxes. His Enterprise SaaS experience started with video-on-demand service platforms before moving to KingsBridge’s Shield, our flagship SaaS BC planning tool.

Jason’s techie interests include artificial intelligence, genetic programming algorithms, neural networks and their application in deep learning techniques. His techie hobbies, however, encompass flying drones, small scale DIY electronics, 3D printing, and general tinkering.  He is a new father and avid animal lover, recently acquiring a small hobby farm where he spends his time away from his computer.

Why Us - Tam

Tamara Williams

Tam Williams is a skilled and experienced Project Manager and Business Continuity consultant. She has honed her expertise in project management over the past decade and across industries including healthcare, research, information technology, business analysis and as a consultant working in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Her strong attention to detail and carefully considered strategies have won her praise in all of her pursuits. When not working to hit targets and meet deadlines you can find her getting active tackling challenging routes on her bicycle, swimming laps at the pool or hitting the mat at her local yoga studio.


Roswitha Firth

With over 20 years’ experience in Business Continuity serving multinationals in the Information Technology, Financial, and Energy sectors, Roswitha blends best practices and practical guidance to provide right-sized solutions to increase company resiliency and lower risk profile. Her BCP passion is pandemic planning. Roswitha loves art history, off-the-beaten-path travel (but won’t pass up an opportunity to visit great cities), and teaching her kids everything they need to know about dinosaurs and dragons.