“Yes, this is what I need. I’m sorry I didn’t notice I was missing it sooner. Thank you for being so responsive. If this is an indication of KingsBridge’s level of service, I’m impressed. Thanks again and good night. I won’t bother you again tonight.”

This email arrived in Steve’s inbox last night and we just wanted to take this opportunity on our blog to show-off a bit. Okay, make that brag. See one of the things that really does separate us from other business continuity planning companies out there is that we really do deliver on our customer service promises.

We know that once we reach a business deal with clients, it is the work that we do after Shield is activated and the business continuity plans are built that really matters. After we’ve worked with you to develop plans that are going to see you through some stressful and trying times (well, we honestly hope you don’t experience any “disasters”), we’re still around to answer questions, provide additional training, and help you update your plan as needed.

Customer service and reliability are two key aspects of our business. We do this well because we have to. This is what sets us apart. We’re a company with less than 10 employees. So we need to do our jobs well in order to get you the plans and service that are going to keep you up and running.

So if this means we need to answer emails at 11:00 p.m. on a Thursday night or check our email when we’re on “vacation” – we’ll do so. Because at the end of the day, we need you just as much as you need us.

Now, all this might sound like a lot of bragging and back-slapping, but hey – why not? We do a good job – no make that an excellent job and we want you to know. And believe us, we’ve got more testimonials just like the one above – we just don’t want to brag too much…

So, it is Friday afternoon – perhaps you’re going to leave early. The sun is shining and the kids want to go to the waterpark. Cool. Go. We’ve got your back. This is what we do.

About KingsBridge

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