Our sponsored cyclo-cross racer Vicki Thomas, is currently living in Belgium following her cyclo-cross racing dreams.  We recently spoke to her last week and she told us of the intense rain Belgium was currently experiencing.  For Vicki all this really meant was some wet and soggy training rides but she quickly realized that the rain really was affecting the businesses and Belgian people.

Imagine you’ve just opened a new business, in this case a restaurant… You’ve been open for two weeks, located on the main street of a small Belgian town.  Your brand new website is operational. You’ve got excellent restaurant staff who all speak English, Flemish, Dutch, and Nepalese.  You’ve done everything right. Then it rains. And rains. And rains.

Okay, it is wet out but people are still going about their daily business.  But for some reason no one is coming to your restaurant. You realize there is a problem.  There’s no phone service, so take-out orders are not possible.  You don’t have any Internet access so you cannot respond to emails or send out promotional emails.  Your electricity is intermittent and not that reliable.

All thanks to the rain.  Yes, this is what happened to a restaurant that Vicki visited.  She wondered why such a nice place would be empty at prime eating time.  Turns out this just opened restaurant (two weeks) was without phone service, Internet access, and its promotional items had not been delivered to homes.  All because of water.  Not a good way to start a new business.  The only thing that this new restaurant really has going for it right now is very good food and experience.  The owners have another successful restaurant nearby so luckily for them they have experience on their side (not to mention funds to float this second restaurant).

What this new business and many others in the area do not have is a disaster recovery or business continuity plans in place. What this restaurant should have done is developed a disaster recovery and business continuity plan that included a threat risk analysis. This would have identified the impact and threat that rain could have on their business. This would have allowed the restaurant owner to be prepared in the event of a flood, power outage, loss of phone connection all due to rain. This threat risk analysis would also have identified other threats to the business such as snowstorms (Belgians don’t handle snow as well as Canadians), interruption of the business due to construction and the impact of a fire.

Just by doing this preparation and analysis, the restaurant owners would have had a business continuity plan that would have allowed them to continue their first few weeks of business uninterrupted and with a little less stress. This one restaurant in Belgium is just a small example of the impact the rain is having. Vicki has met people who have been without personal Internet, phone access and flooded homes.

Amazing the impact the rain has in Belgium – a country that is used to rain falling each and every day. What about you – are you ready for rain and its impact? Now is the perfect time to get started on your threat risk analysis and to give your disaster recovery plan and business continuity plans an update – the winter weather is coming – are you ready?

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