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COVID-19 has redefined the word disruption. Millions of people across the United States and the world have lost their jobs or shut down their local businesses in the last few months. Did you know that the National Restaurant Association released a report that details how 3 percent of restaurant operators went out of business and 42 percent had temporarily closed in light of these chaotic times?

The restaurant industry is not alone. Few job markets were untouched, and this has left millions of people around the world trying to find a new career that they can enter. Fortunately, there are new career paths that you can look into during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are three of the most resilient careers that you should look into during COVID-19.

Data Science

Data science is an extremely old field that used to require a master’s degree to enter. This has all changed in the last few years. With every passing year, the amount of data circulating the Internet increases at an exponential rate. It has been a remarkable growth that has increased the importance of data science as a field.

Pursuing a degree in data science may be the best course of action for anyone looking to head into a new career during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are no intensive tech skills required, mainly just skills with machine learning and data analytics.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go back to a college in order to achieve a degree in this tech field, and some of the best data science bootcamps can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to relaunch your career.

Full Stack Development

Of the tech jobs on this list, full-stack development may very well be one of the best possible careers that you could choose to consider. Professionals within this industry focus on building the back end of websites and coding with HTML, but they also focus on the front end of the website building and creating the applications and buttons you interact with.

As mentioned, web developers are responsible for building websites and creating the entire layout. As the number of businesses and companies moving online continues to grow amidst the pandemic, it will become increasingly important to hire talented professionals and full-stack developers who understand how to propel companies into the future of work.

On that note, entering this field may seem challenging on the surface. However, anybody can gain the skills needed to launch a lucrative career within this field by attending a trade school near them. Trade schools can teach anybody the specific skills and information needed to launch a new career in a fascinating field.


This career path is actually fairly similar to data science, but the difference is that the tasks are centered around protecting that data using programming. This is likely the most technical career on this list and, due to that, it would be considered the most difficult path to enter. However, if you have moderate tech experience then cybersecurity could be a potential new career path for you.

Becoming a cybersecurity expert can be an intensive experience, but if it lines up with your skills then it is certainly a path you should consider pursuing. With this in mind, if you are past the college or university years, you can attend a trade school or coding bootcamp to pick up some of the skills you may need to launch a career in this field. In today’s day and age, becoming a cybersecurity professional can be done from the comfort of your own home. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to launch a career in a field that will survive for years in the future of work.


No matter your age or profession, it is never too late to consider making the switch to a different career. COVID-19 has caused a pandemic unseen by history and avoiding the disruption caused by the epidemic may be done by launching a new career. Millions have lost their jobs during these chaotic times and are looking for ways to re-enter the workforce. Instead of fighting with them, pursue new career paths that will survive long into the future and get back on your feet. The three above careers are a great match for anyone interested in technology and hoping to land a job that survives for years to come.

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