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The first step in BCP is a Threat Risk Assessment

KingsBridge knows your  Business Continuity Plan (BCP) needs to be built on accurate, current and correct information.  The VERY first step in building a successful plan is to understand what threatens your business!  A Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) narrows the number of threats from infinity (aliens steeling your critical staff) to a manageable number (power failure is always ranked number 1).  To make your planning easier, we integrated the TRA in our SHIELD software to make your planning as easy as possible.


Don’t have a budget for an outsourced project?  Want to learn the “ins” and “outs” of a Business Continuity Plan?  Use our SHIELD tool to leverage our more than 30 years experience to build you own BCP!  Give it a try (for 10 days – FREE) to see how it makes your TRA Simple and Straightforward.

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Don’t have the time or resources to write your own BCP?  Want to make this process even faster and simpler?  Let KingsBridge build your TRA or your entire plan so you can focus on your primary task (your job)!
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