Don’t look now Mercedes, RedBull is charging and you were caught flat footed!

TPF FantasyGP Race 5 was strategy right from Saturday!  I’m not sure RedBull can pull it off again, but they got one over on Mercedes.

Welcome to the TPF Fantasy GP Race 5 results for the The Parc Ferme, KingsBridgeBCP and FantasyGP fantasy GP league!  See from the results below where to you stack up in the Fantasy pool and how Grace, Paul and Todd are doing with their picks!

The Parc Fermé race #5 results:

Congrats to the TOP TEN in The Parc Fermé Fantasy pool!

the parc ferme race 5

Team Parc Fermé:

negative camber 5
International 5
GraceRD1 5

Biggest Mover:

biggest mover 5

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