Many of our customers understand the importance of maintaining their Business Continuity Plan, yet struggle with actually keeping it up to date.  The benefits of maintenance are easily described; it ensures that the most up to date information is part of the plan, allows time for questions that were raised during the development phase of plan building to actually get answered, and provides a forum for individuals with responsibility in the plan to provide feedback.  So how do you keep on track with all of this maintenance?  Task management!

Task Management Methods

As business continuity consultants, we see many different methods of managing tasks; everything from written to-do lists to Excel spreadsheets to post-its, in addition to project management software.  No matter what method you use, you should be able to track at a minimum a description of the task, whose responsibility it is to complete it, and when it’s due.

Task Management in Shield

Hence, KingsBridge created a new Task Management feature in Shield.  In addition to making life easier for our customers, it allows you to:

  • Assign tasks to individuals throughout the organization
  • Link tasks to specific sections or documents in Shield
  • Mark tasks as Urgent
  • View and sort summaries to monitor outstanding tasks, and finally
  • Send (optional) notifications to the task creator when tasks are completed

One of the helpful things about this new feature is that it integrates directly into your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning software so you can easily navigate between updating your plan and assigning tasks.  The whole purpose of task management is to help keep you organized, and we have done just that by giving you one place where you can manage all of your Business Continuity plan needs.

The Fine Print

Task Management in Shield is currently available to all Platinum subscribers.  If you are a Platinum level user, login today and see how easy it is to start assigning tasks!  If you are not, it might be time to call us and talk about what you’re missing out on.  After all, your plan maintenance just got a whole lot easier, who knows what we’ll do for you next?

About KingsBridge

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