4 years later… what we can learn from the Lac Mégantic rail disaster

lac megantic

What can we learn from Lac Mégantic In July of 2013, the deadliest Canadian rail accident since 1867 occurred in Lac Megantic, Quebec.  A series of errors resulted in a train carrying crude oil to roll downhill before derailing in the town of Lac Megantic.  The accident resulted in: 63 derailed rail cars 47 deaths […]

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How much is “Snowmageddon” impacting your business?


The current “Snowmageddon” that has gripped Washington and most of the North East is a perfect example of what we try to impart to our clients.  It doesn’t take a major event such as hurricane, flood, earthquake, etc. to cause a significant impact to your bottom line.  Let’s take a quick look. So what is the […]

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