I never really thought much of these WikiLeaks we’ve all read about over the past few days and months, but the release on Monday was especially unnerving.  This publication had nothing to do with military secrets, or what one country thought of the other, or what a prince thought of someone’s girlfriend.

This latest round of WikiLeaks is significantly more dangerous to everyday business.  The documents detailed the locations of critical pieces of the modernized world’s supply chain.  To put this in perspective, think of the impact cutting the transatlantic cable would have on your day-to-day life. This would severely limit the data transferred between North America and Europe, causing the cost of doing business to skyrocket. So yes, the locations of our modern supply chain are important and not for all eyes and ears.

Perhaps you don’t rely on the Internet for work; your focus is here at home and not in dealing with other continents.  Those gas lines that cross thousands of unprotected miles are now at risk.  Gas prices are at an all-time high right now; imagine the impact on yourself and your business if our gas supply chain is tampered with.

So we’ve got data transfers and gas – what else is at risk?  Well, WikiLeaks also publicized the location of the labs that produce the medicine we need to combat some of the most vicious illnesses out there.  If these labs are attacked and sabotaged, we’re all at risk.  The first thing that comes to mind is: pandemic.

I am not saying that the sky is falling, nor am I saying that we should limit the press (I am all for free speech – I am blogging after all!).  What I am saying is that, for our own personal safety and existence, there are some things that have to remain out of the spotlight and stay “secret”.

How does this relate to Business Continuity?  Simple, think of the panic in your office if all of your company’s secrets were published on the Internet.  If you believe you don’t have any secrets, how about your customer list?  Or the compensation paid to senior managers?  Some things have to remain quiet and you shouldn’t be waiting for WikiLeaks to shine the spotlight on your business.  A tried and tested business continuity plan will ensure your business remains secure and out of the public eye.

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