We hope you enjoyed Part 1 on how KingsBridge Shield can solve some of your Business Continuity Planning (BCP) information security headaches.  This week, Part 2 of our series (read Part 3) focuses on how Shield can cure the headaches of anyone starting BCP.  Let’s start with a common problem: management assigned you the responsibility of heading up the company’s BCP program but you don’t know where to begin.   At KingsBridge, our motto is Keep It Simple and Secure, so we’ve designed our Shield software to resolve your BCP headaches in a simple and secure method.  Here are a few examples:

I’m brand new to this.  Starting BCP on the right foot.

Starting BCP can seem like a daunting task, knowing where to begin can be the hardest part.  Often senior management assigns business continuity plan development to an employee with no experience or resources to complete the job.

At KingsBridge, our Shield software takes that first step for you.  Out of the box, Shield comes with hundreds of pages of template content for every type of recovery team you can imagine.  We also have specialized templates for credit unions or for those who want to follow the FEMA format.  But that’s not all, the Shield content also includes recommendations for exercising and getting you started on your Business Continuity Management Program.  Shield doesn’t just house your plan, it writes a lot of it for you.

How do I get my new users comfortable with the software?  I don’t have the resources to train and retrain.

KingsBridge recognizes that business continuity might not be the number one priority of everyone in your organization.  You orient staff to the software but then they never touch it again.  As a result, when users do login, it’s like a whole new experience, every time.

To help our infrequent users get re-oriented when starting BCP, we now have a Wizard that will walk them through the core components of Shield.  The first time they login, the Wizard will be front and center prompting them to take a guided tour of Shield.  After the initial walk through the Wizard tutorials can be accessed from an icon available on every Shield screen.

Our plan is very big with lots of reference documents.  How will team members find what they need?

The more comprehensive your plan becomes the more material it includes, which can make it daunting for users to find the reference documents or procedures they need to complete a particular step in their recovery.  At KingsBridge we perform gap analyses on business continuity plans so we’re all too familiar with giant appendices.  Just finding the information you need in a pile of documents you don’t use every day can be a challenge.

We’ve implemented a Simple and Secure solution in Shield to make navigation a breeze: hyperlinks.  You can create a hyperlink from any group of words directly to a document, report, section or website.  No more flipping through appendices, a user simply clicks the hyperlink and they are directed to the target.

What about communication?  Our Response Management Team doesn’t want to learn to use another tool.

Starting BCP communications quickly and efficiently to all staff is a critical part of smoothly mitigating (and/or recovering from) an incident.  There are many mass notification tools on the market but often they have so many bells and whistles that getting comfortable with using them is a hurdle.  Sending an urgent notification to all staff is not something that happens on a regular basis – at least you hope not – so it’s important that the tool you choose is intuitive and easy to use.

Following our Keep It Simple and Secure philosophy, we’ve built an easy to use notification tool (Communications) directly into Shield.  There is no need to train your users on yet another application or maintain a separate database of contact information.  Once a user with notification permissions is logged into Shield, simple and straightforward notification is at their fingertips.

UPDATE: Since this blog post was written, we have released a FREE Shield for all to use.  Click here to see what it can do for you.

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