The KingsBridge team was onsite in Orlando last week ‘Keeping it Simple and Straightforward’ at DRJ SpringWorld.


Record traffic at the KingsBridge booth this year may be the result of the Hershey’s kisses and coffee on offer, but more likely the huge number of enhancements we’ve made to our Shield software over the last 9 months attracted a crowd. With built in notification, task management, a mobile app, and more, attendees this year seemed very interested in the versatility, efficiency and competitive pricing Shield has to offer. KingsBridge has been busy following up with interested parties.


For KingsBridge, one of the best parts of the DRJ SpringWorld this year was the greater interaction between vendors. Whether in the same competitive market or providing complementary services, vendors were more willing than ever to share their experiences and ideas. From making the DRJ SpringWorld show better to improving the business continuity industry and exploring partnerships, KingsBridge appreciated the camaraderie and looks forward to building on these relationships at future shows.


KingsBridge hosted a workshop focused on buy-in and budgeting challenges.  We kicked things off by addressing how to get buy-in from all levels of an organization.  The focus then turned to how to develop and maintain a business continuity plan in a budget-friendly manner. Attendees joined us from a variety of sectors to share their experience in overcoming buy-in and budgeting challenges. Don’t worry if you didn’t make it to the show this year; we plan to be back again in Spring of 2018 with another exciting workshop for you.


If you have budgeting or buy-in challenges, we captured the workshop ideas and have made them available as a resource. For a copy, please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to send it to you.


If Phoenix, Arizona is an option for you, come see us at our booth at DRJ FallWorld.

About KingsBridge

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