Solve BCP Headaches

Welcome to the third and final installment of our series on how Shield can solve BCP headaches. Last time we talked about how Shield helps the newcomer to Business Continuity get started on the plan development process. This week we’re going to look at what challenges that come up after you finally have that plan written.

Updating contact information is so time consuming! Isn’t there a better way?

Keeping contact information up to date is one of the most challenging and yet important parts of a business continuity plan. Just keeping personnel information current is challenging enough – but what about all those vendors you need to be able to reach out to if disaster strikes? You don’t want to be editing information in two different places.

If you’re a Shield user there is a simple way of importing information from other data sources into Shield. With an extract from your HR database or your vendor management system, Shield has import and merge functions allowing you to pull new information into Shield with just a few clicks. No more editing row after row. Simply choose your method of importing and Shield will do the work for you.

My company has rebranded. I need to change the name everywhere in our plan. Help!

Global plan changes can be a nightmare. A company name change, a new address, a major piece of software changes, there can be a lot of reasons for having to make changes all the way through your plan. Sure, find and replace can work for some things but then you have to redo the table of contents, create new PDF copies and redistribute the plan again…

With Shield, global changes are easy with the Plan Markup table. Here you give a generic name to frequently used terms and phrases in your plan. If one of those generic terms changes (your company name or address, for example) changing the item in the plan markup table will change it throughout your plan. Think of it like ‘Find and Replace’ on steroids. You can read all about the Plan Markup feature in this post.

How do I keep track of who has reviewed their plan and completed their action items? There are so many moving parts…

Business Continuity plans are one of those things that impact every part of an organization. As a result,  a lot of communication needs to take place between you, the plan owner, and all of the other departments that contribute and review the plan content. With so many people involved, it can be a challenge to keep track of who has done what.

Shield has a built-in management tool that allows you to assign tasks to plan contributors and gives you a dashboard view of who has and has not completed their assignments. Contributors can be automatically emailed to let them know when a task has been assigned to them, and you will receive an email when the task has been completed and is ready for your review. It’s just one more thing Shield has to offer to keep plan maintenance simple and easy.

My plan has been updated. Now how do I get new copies to our key clients?

One risk of an online tool is that it can be challenging to get the content out of the tool for those outside your organization that may need to see that your plan is complete. Requirements to have a Business Continuity plan are becoming more common. So how do you demonstrate that you have a plan without sharing sensitive information?

The answer is custom publishing. The content in Shield is structured as a series of sections and subsections. With custom publishing, you just select the sections you want to include in a published copy of your plan, then click Publish. Shield creates a pdf of that content, complete with a cover page and table of contents. Each publication can be different than the one before so you can have a pdf copy of your plan to meet any need.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this three part series on how Shield can solve BCP headaches. If you missed the first two parts in the series, go back and read Part 1 and Part 2.

UPDATE: Since this blog post was written, we have released a FREE Shield for all to use. Click here to see what it can do for you.

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