Shield – Gold Edition is our most popular Business Continuity Planning Software tool for businesses with up to 1000 employees.  In addition to it being an excellent place to host your BCP, you get the same industry leading cloud hosting, sample templated content, same 35+ year proven workflow and same security as our Platinum tool.  By adding enterprise level functions like customizable BIA questions, a customizable password policy and mentoring sessions (so you have access to BCP experts at all times), Shield – Gold gives you all the tools you’ll need to build, manage and maintain a world class Business Continuity Plan.


  • 250+ pages of content honed since 1983
  • Access to 36 sample teams to ease your initial plan building steps
  • 2GB of storage for your critical documents
  • No manual to read; access the Quick Start Guide for detailed instructions
  • Integrated Threat Risk Assessment (TRA)
  • Integrated Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • 50 Read Only users, 10 Read/Write users, 1 Administrator user and 1 Auditor user

With Shield – Gold Edition you get:

  • Another 3GB of storage space for your critical documents, for a total of 5GB
  • Integrated, customizable Business Impact Analysis (BIA) – allowing you to customize the BIA questions you want to ask
  • ISO-22301 ready tool
  • Access to Shield Communications (SMS, email and conference calling) so you can instantly share plan details – at an additional cost
  • Customizable password policy so you can have your Shield password match your corporate requirements
  • Unlimited Read Only users, 30 Read/Write users, 3 Administrator users and 3 Auditor users
  • mentoring sessions to help you take the right steps with your plan and Shield

SHIELD – GOLD PRICE: $1,000/mth

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