So you have some plans that have been built over the years depending on what incident caught the eye of your business.  Now you want to create a comprehensive recovery plan.  However, you don’t know how it will stack up, you don’t know the guidelines that auditors will be using and you don’t have the time to do it wrong.  Let KingsBridge’s BCAAS group perform a Gap Analysis for you!  We can provide a clear idea of what you should be planning for to pass your pending audit.  To keep the price down, we complete this off-site with a quick turnaround time.  Here are some more details of what it includes:

  • A high-level review of your Business Continuity Plan, comparing it to the standards that your business is being measured against.  This may include regulatory bodies like FFIEC, NCUA, SEC, HIPAA, or a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that your client requires.  If you want to know if your plan is a good foundation because there are no regulations that apply to you, we identify gaps where standard content is not referenced.
  • A Gap Analysis Consulting Report that identifies any areas of concern.
  • Suggestions for plan improvement.


$1000/mth for companies up to 400 employees.  Contact us for firm pricing.

$750/mth for companies up to 200 employees. Contact us for firm pricing.

Gap Analysis