The granddaddy of KingsBridge’s BCAAS services.  The Fast Track BCP is a complete solution that only requires your teams to provide us with supporting databases and two hours of their time.  KingsBridge takes the information learned in each session, and cross-references and double-checks it to write your plan.  Once you’ve reviewed the first draft, KingsBridge integrates the updates and delivers a second draft of your BCP.  KingsBridge does all of the heavy lifting (to borrow a term from a client) for your plan development.  This is the solution tailored for the company that doesn’t have the spare cycles to do much (or any) of the work themselves.  The Fast Track BCP solution is also the one that has the shortest delivery time frame.  If you are working against a firm deadline, it’s time to get on the Fast Track to a complete BCP.  We will:

  • Get to know you, your business and your customers on an introductory phone/video call.
  • Source databases to start building your plan.  These may include:
    • Personnel
    • Clients
    • Suppliers
    • Hardware
    • Software
  • Complete a Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) with your Management team.
  • Complete a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) with each of your business units.
  • Interview all of your business units to determine suitable business continuity strategies.
  • Cross-reference expectations and requirements to ensure there are no gaps or identify those gaps that need a longer-term solution.
  • Build your plan using Shield.
  • Provide a Consulting Report that includes identified risk mitigation measures.
  • Provide recommendations for next steps.

NOTE: The Fast Track BCP option includes 1 exercise a year for 2 years.


$3000/mth on a 3-year contract for companies up to 400 employees.  Contact us for firm pricing.

$2000/mth on a 3-year contract for companies up to 200 employees. Contact us for firm pricing.

Fast Track BCP

Fast Track