With your plan built (either by KingsBridge or on your own) your next step is to try it out.  Exercising lets you see if the recovery assumptions you’ve made are accurate and executable.  KingsBridge BCAAS services will follow-up on outstanding plan improvement tasks, confirm those that are complete and identify any loose ends.  KingsBridge will:

  • Review the existing Business Continuity Plan.
  • Develop a scenario relevant to the organization that rotates with each visit to ensure all aspects of your plan are exercised.
  • Complete a remote tabletop exercise.
  • Complete plan updates (Shield users only).
  • Provide a Consulting Report that includes identified risk mitigation measures.
  • Provide recommendations for the next phase of the exercise.


$2,000/mth on a 1-year contract for companies up to 400 employees.  Contact us for firm pricing.

$1,200/mth on a 1-year contract for companies up to 200 employees. Contact us for firm pricing.