Everyone hates an audit, plain and simple.  Let KingsBridge BCAAS review your plan before the Auditors do to ensure you only get favorable feedback.  If there are gaps or areas of concern, you get a head start to make sure your plan is ready.  The KingsBridge Audit service consists of:

  • Detailed confirmation of existing documents against a set (or sets) of your industry guidelines.
  • If your industry doesn’t have guidelines or specific regulations, we will perform a detailed audit against BCP best practices to ensure your plan exceeds expectations.
  • A Consulting Report that identifies areas where documentation does not exist.
  • Identification of areas that do not meet the guidelines/best practices.


$1,000/mth for companies up to 400 employees.  Contact us for firm pricing.

$750/mth for companies up to 200 employees. Contact us for firm pricing.