“Why a SHIELD Gold upgrade?”

KingsBridge SHIELD is your complete tool for creating Business Continuity Plans (BCP).  While we pride ourselves on our K.I.S.S. principle, KingsBridge Is Simple and Straightforward, we also know the importance of getting the most value for your money.  So what is so special about a SHIELD Gold upgrade?  In addition to SHIELD Silver, here are a few key features that we’ve added to the Gold subscription:

  • Additional users and storage space
  • Integrated Threat Risk Assessment tool
  • Integrated Business Impact Analysis tool
  • Last Modified Tracking
  • BEAM Directed Communications
  • Password management

Why Upgrade

Understand the Value of these Gold Features

Additional Users and Storage Space

Has your company hit the limit of your Shield Silver user count?  Do you have so many documents you are nearing the end of your storage limit?  In SHIELD Gold, we give you an unlimited number of read only users.  This means that when your plan needs to be used, the entire response isn’t manned by a select few individuals.  With more users you’ll also need more disk space to support those users, a SHIELD Gold upgrade gives you double the space.  This means you can save all those critical files to a remote location so you can access them whenever you need them.  You spend a lot of time writing your plan; ensuring the right number of people have access to it, and that you can get to your key files is critical.


A SHIELD Gold upgrade gives you an Integrated Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) Tool

So you’ve been tasked with building a Business Continuity Plan for your business.  Do you know what threats to consider?  There are an unlimited number of threats you could consider, but in reality there are only a handful you should plan for.  Should you consider flooding in Las Vegas?  Or tornadoes in Chicago?  With your input, the SHIELD TRA prioritizes those threats in a list that ranks which you should plan for.  This also weeds out the ones you don’t need to focus on right away.  You have enough decisions to worry about; use a tool that helps make these decisions easier.  Not to mention that your ISO, FFIEC (or almost any other) auditors are going to be looking for a TRA.  Without one, your plan will fail their audits, regardless of how well it’s written.


A SHIELD Gold upgrade gives you an Integrated Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Tool

Once you’ve got your TRA done and you know your threats, you now need to learn what their impacts might be.  Each business unit is different and each will have different impacts from threats.  The number of business units that say they are “fine” with the power going out is surprising!  On the flip side, you’d be amazed by the number of business units that aren’t “fine” with a printer malfunction.  Each scenario is different, and each can take down different portions of your business.  Like the TRA, the BIA is also affected by auditors.  Your plan will fail the audit (or at least be cited) for not having a BIA.  For such a simple process, don’t jeopardize your planning efforts.

Track Changes

Last Modified Tracking

When you are responsible for a document that has many moving pieces, getting an overview of any changes is critical.  The Last Modified tracking with a SHIELD Gold upgrade gives you the ability to confirm that your team is doing (or has done) their BCP job. This feature allows you to quickly look at a section to know when it was last changed, and by whom.  This is critical if you are expecting a certain amount of work to be done (or have been done) by your BCP colleagues.  SHIELD Gold Last Modified tracking also gives you a central location to see the vintage of sections of your plan.  

BEAM Directed Communications

You’ve spent a lot of time getting your plan perfect.  Now an incident occurs; you need to initiate the plan, and share directions and next steps, but you have no way to email everyone because the server has failed.  No problem!  A SHIELD Gold upgrade has an optional notification feature built right in that will allow you to contact: all personnel, all team leaders, all alternate team leaders, all team members or any custom variation of individuals.  Using BEAM, you can notify via email and text, only email, or only text using the contacts housed in Shield.  SHIELD Gold makes sure you can communicate with your team(s).

Password Management

None of the SHIELD editions (Silver, Gold, Platinum) require that users change their passwords at specified intervals.  We know that everyone has too many passwords to remember.  The password for your BCP is critical to remember, and should not be another variation of your “favorite” password.  But this “single” password doesn’t always sit well with corporate information security, auditors or clients.  With a SHIELD Gold upgrade (and Platinum), we give you the ability to select from one of 5 Password Management options to ensure it meets the requirements of the interested parties, whether that is your Information Security department, or an external stakeholder.  

The SHIELD Gold upgrade gives you some pretty amazing stuff for not a lot more each month!  SHIELD Silver is really designed as the entry level solution to your Business Continuity Planning.  SHIELD Gold is the tool you should be using when you want to follow industry best practices (planning based on a TRA and BIA), if you are dealing with auditors, require advanced password settings, have large numbers of documents, and for notifying your people in the event of an incident.  KingsBridge Is Simple and Straightforward  We want your selection of tools to be Simple and Straightforward as well.

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