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SHIELD is now better!  

SHIELD is a constantly evolving BCP software that strives to remain Simple and Straightforward.  Here is a quick list of the updates that we’ve made to Shield since June 2016 (when the new look of SHIELD was released).


In addition to the new look that came with the interface upgrade:

  • All users (including Read Only) can now sort reports.
  • All table edits (additions, deletions, and modifications) can now be made without having to reload the table with each save.  This makes the user experience much faster.
  • Table column order can now be changed.
  • Data table pagination has been implemented allowing the user to view 10, 20, or 50 rows per table.
  • All new Help Resources including written steps and help videos in one central location.
  • Sections now expand when selected.
  • Bread crumb trail is now available at the top to assist with navigation.
  • User roles (Team Leader, Alternate Team Leader, Team Member) can now be toggled so team members don’t have to be removed from a team and then added again.
  • Publishing sections is fully customizable, allowing the user to select specific sections across Modules.
  • Hyperlinks to SHIELD sections in addition to SHIELD documents can be created.
  • A clear formatting button has been added to the edit pane to facilitate formatting content.
  • The account usage in the administration pane is now presented graphically.
  • Performance improvements across the tool have made it faster to use.
  • Significant changes ‘under the hood’ that laid the groundwork for addressing a number of feature requests from our end users.
  • Warning when document with the same name is uploaded.
  • Special characters in Document, Folder and Team names are now supported.  We can now have the Accounting & Payroll Team as opposed to the Accounting and Payroll Team.
  • There are new password features released in this version (Gold and Platinum only).  Administrators can now:
    • Set a password strength,
    • Require numbers, uppercase letters, symbols or special characters,
    • Set a minimum password length,
    • Limit the use of consecutive identical characters,
    • Set password expiry rules (since last logged in or since their password was last changed),
    • Set account lockout rules after a customizable number of login attempts,
    • Set password re-use limitations,
    • Establish two-factor authentication via email or SMS (for BEAM users).  NOTE that two-factor authentication does not yet work with the mobile apps.  A warning about this has been added to password policy page,
    • See password change history of when passwords were last changed,
    • Establish a password policy for Shield that is consistent with their organization.
  • New features for creating reports:
    • A default sort column and order can now be established when creating reports,
    • Column sorting and left/right scrolling during report creation allow for more flexibility in viewing the data to find the rows you want to include in the report.
  • Auditor level or ‘Global Read Only’ access.
    • For every administrator a SHIELD account has, they now have an Auditor level of access that can be assigned.  This level of access allows the assigned user to see everything in the Planning and Documents sections of Shield but does not allow editing capabilities.
  • Renaming Data Tables and custom folders
    • Data tables and custom folders can now be renamed once they’ve been created.
  • Team deletion restricted when it is a BIA dependency.
  • Task Management (otherwise known as PX) with an ‘In Beta’ banner on it!  A communication will be sent out to all Platinum Administrators on Tuesday morning informing them of this new feature.  Once we’re comfortable that this new feature is stable, we’ll set a date to remove the ‘In Beta’ banner.
  • Merge and replace on a Unique ID for regular data tables.
  • Streamlined data table replacement allowing automatic removal of conflicting entries and full import with a single click.
  • User warned when any BIA dependencies and report entries to be deleted from Shield.
  • Underscores now permitted in document names!
  • Faster iPhone app syncing.
  • Email or SMS only notifications can be sent


Updated on January 16 2017

If you don’t see your favourite “deficiency” listed here, please email our support group to have them log anything we may have missed.  This list will continue to grow with each release, so keep an eye on your email (as we do admin emails each quarter) or bookmark this page and check back to see the latest updates.

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