Learning Shield


Welcome to the Shield training page!  Here, we will give you guidance on how to best use Shield and maximize your Business Continuity Planning efforts.  Shield is broken in User credential camps, so we’ve broken down the Shield training to match as close as possible.  Please select your user level and watch the video (Read Only) or sign up for the custom class (Read/Write or Administrator) that is geared for you.  Administrators and Read/Write users, feel free to share this link with your Read Only users so they are proficient at user Shield.

Read Only Shield Training

For the most part, all of the “Read Only” Shield training content is similar, so we made it into a recorded video that you can watch 24/7/365.  If you feel we didn’t cover enough or there is a question we didn’t answer, check the “Read Only” box below and we’ll get in touch.  The video is ~20mins and it will stream to whatever device you are accessing this page with, so grab a coffee and sit back while you explore the functions of Shield and your BCP.

Watch the video HERE.

Read/Write Shield Training

“Read/Write” Shield training is a little more customized to your company based on some of the ways your plan is set up. We recommend training for users that have the required credentials otherwise they won’t see all of the functionality and will get lost very quickly.  So if you want/need training or even just a simple refresher, check our “Read/Write” video HERE.

Administrator and Auditor Shield Training

“Administrator” and “Auditor” are VERY unique to your business, so we ask you to complete the form below so we can arrange a time to complete your remote training.  We look forward to working with you to ensure your BCP is Simple and Secure.

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