Creating a Data Table in Shield

You have two options when creating a data table in Shield. You can immediately import a data table and then set up the columns headings in Shield after the import is complete or, you can create a data table to which you can manually add data or import data.

To import a data table directly into Shield without doing any advance set-up see Importing a new data table into Shield.

How to Create a Data Table:

Login to your Shield account:

Navigate to the “Supporting Data” component.

Click the arrow to the right of “Data Tables in Your Plan”.

Select “Create a New Data Table”.

Name your new table and add the columns you would like.

Click the green box “Create Table”. You can click the ‘garbage can’ to the right of a columns name if you want to remove that column.
The new table is now located under “Supporting Data” in the menu on the left.  Data Tables are always sorted alphabetically.

To add data to your table see Editing Data in a Data Table.

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