Completing the Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Complete the BIA (Business Impact Analysis) only after the Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) is complete.

List the Business Processes

Follow the steps below to add business processes to each team: 

  1. Login to your SHIELD account at
  2. Click “BIA Business Processes”
  3. In the space provided, fill in the title of the Business Process and click the green “+ Add” button.
  4. The new business process will appear in the list on the screen and in the left hand pane.
  5. Repeat the above steps for each business process for each team.

Completing the BIA

  1. The populated Business Processes appear in the left hand pane under each team. The blue “!” next to the Business Process indicates that the BIA is incomplete for that process.
  2. To complete the BIA for any Business Process, simply select the process from the menu and click the arrow icon to it’s right.
  3. Click “Edit This Survey”. A window will open.
  4. Enter the “Description of Process” and “Maximum Tolerable Outage”.
  5. Click Impact of Outage in the bottom right hand corner.
  6. Select the buttons that correspond to the level of each type of impact.
  7. Select Team Dependencies in the bottom right hand corner.
  8. Complete “Team Dependencies”:
    • Click the “+ Add Team Dependency” to add a team.
    • Then click the Garbage can to the left of a team to remove it.
  9. Select “Required Resources” in the bottom right hand corner.
  10. Complete “Required Resources:
    • Click the “+ Add/Remove Resources” to add data from a table.
    • Select the data table containing the resource to be added.
    • Next click the rows that correspond to the resources to be added (selected items will be green).
    • Click “Update Resources”.
    • To remove resources, click the garbage can to the left of the selected resource.
  11. Click the green “Save” button.
  12. The blue “!” icon will disappear and your BIA for that process is complete.

Repeat the above steps for each Business Process for each Team.

The TRA and BIA Overview is ready when the Business Impact Analysis for each Business Process under each Team is complete, and can be found under the Emergency Response Management Team (look under “Management Teams” in the “Response” component). The Overview shows a summary of complete and incomplete BIA processes.

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