List the Business Processes

Follow the steps below to add business processes to each team:

Login to your Shield account:

Navigate to the “My Plan” Component.

Select the “Response” module from the list on the left.

Select “Team”.

Select the Team you wish to add a business process to and click “BIA Business Processes” within that team.

In the space provided, fill in the title of the Business Process and click the green “+ Add” button.

The new business process will appear in the list on the screen and in the left-hand pane.

Repeat the above steps to add business processes to each team.

Completing the BIA

The populated Business Processes appear in the left-hand pane under each team. The blue “!” next to the Business Process indicates that the BIA is incomplete for that process.

To complete the BIA for any Business Process, simply select the process from the menu and click the arrow icon to its right.

Click “Edit This Survey”. A window will open.

Answer each of the questions in the survey.

For Resource Dependencies, select a table, and then click “Select Rows” to select the appropriate rows from the table. If the entry you’re seeking is not there, click “Quick Add Row” and complete the required information and click ‘Add’

Click the green “Save” button.

Repeat the above steps for each Business Process for each Team.

The TRA and BIA Overview can be found under the Business Continuity Management Team.  The Overview shows a summary of complete and incomplete BIA processes.

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