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You are using SHIELD for your Business Continuity Planning and Maintenance!  Now that you have the tools, how do you make your planning Simple & Straightforward?  You’ve come to the right place.


These training classes are a lot more than just “click here, click here, click here” type training.  You are in a small group session with one of KingsBridge’s BCP consultants, so ask how to use SHIELD to make your planning more effective!  Each class is specifically designed for the level of user that will be in the class.  So the “Administrator” classes will be dealing with things that “Read Only” users have never seen and have no access to.  So you don’t have to waste a lot of time listening to processes that aren’t relevant, just so you can ask your question.  We make sure the entire class remains relevant to your needs, all the time!


Select the class (or classes) that you want to attend and we’ll be in touch soon!  NOTE:  All classes are given at 1PM eastern on the date you choose.

Select your SHIELD training level:

Read Only Aug 15

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