Shield CU Edition

King Phoenix decreed “FREE BCP for THEE!”

KingsBridge has been building Business Continuity Plans since 1983.  2021 finds all Credit Unions needing them now more than EVER!

Chaos threatens all CUs.  Resulting in King Phoenix asking KingsBridge to make a Shield – CU Edition for all Credit Unions at no cost for 6 months.

In one decree he has ensured that all Credit Unions can protect themselves from Chaos.  Using an industry-proven Business Continuity Planning (BCP) planning software tool.

Complete the form below to start your 6 months of free BCP planning with a professional-grade planning tool.

10 Reasons for Shield – CU Edition

Shield – CU Edition gives you access to a BCP planning/hosting tool for Credit Unions, for free for 6 months. You get the same cloud hosting, the same workflow, the same security and CU driven templated content to make your planning more efficient.

Here are some of the excellent features that Shield – CU Edition gives you:

  • KISS is a principle that Shield is built on. KISS = Keep It Simple and Straightforward.
  • A Shield Mobile app for offline plan access.
  • Includes a custom CU template to start your BCP, you just have to edit the content to match your business.
  • Shield is cloud hosted so you always have a “single source of truth” and one spot for ALL of your data.
  • Budget pricing on Shield CU to ensure you get the best tool for the dollar, which is important to your members.
  • NO huge time investment required to keep the BCP up to date.
  • Completely customizable to meet YOUR needs.
  • +35 years of BCP experience without the expensive consultants.
  • 6 months free use, heavily discounted purchase price (available in Silver, Gold and Platinum).
  • NCUA auditor tested and praised.

If at any point you need some help on how Shield CU works, check out our Support section.