As covered in a recent post, Records Management for BCP, one of the most challenging and yet critical elements of your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is records management. In this follow-up post, we’ll look at how KingsBridge SHIELD helps you with secure document storage that is critical for your business’s recovery.

Now, more than ever, your recovery plan documents need to be immediately available. With multiple disasters a new fact of life, your employees may be faced with Covid-19 restrictions and work from home access issues while needing to deal with wildfire evacuations or other natural disasters. There is simply no time to waste (and certainly no room for additional stress!). Make sure your recovery documents are secure AND available when they’re needed. SHIELD has the solutions.

Safe and Secure Document Storage

When it comes to Business Continuity, documents needed to help recover the business have to be safely and securely stored. Many of our clients initially put a lot of faith in their IT department’s backups. They know the data is backed up and therefore feel that having a copy stored elsewhere is unnecessary. However, backup does not mean instant access. Recovery of electronic document storage takes time. Once documents are recovered, user access may be limited due to connectivity with the recovery location.

SHIELD provides a secure, web-based solution that supports the storage of critical documents independent of your company’s servers. The SHIELD mobile application syncs with the web application placing an additional off-line copy of these documents on your phone. No internet? No problem. Your phone will have all the documents you need.

Easy Access

Safe and secure document storage is one thing. But being able to efficiently find what you’re looking for under challenging circumstances  – that’s critical. Combing through documents – electronic or paper – to find that specific procedure you need is both time consuming and frustrating.

SHIELD makes document navigation a breeze. SHIELD’s team-based permissions ensure that recovery team members have access to only what they need, avoiding time wasted searching through information that’s irrelevant for them. Have a document you want everyone to access? SHIELD has a Public folder that all of your SHIELD users have access to. You can also customize document folder access. Simply grant a user permission to see one or more team folders or create a custom folder for a specific audience. SHIELD gives you total control for access, so you can be confident that only the employees who need access have the necessary access to certain documents.

From your recovery plan, either from the SHIELD website or the SHIELD mobile app, you can also hyperlink directly to a relevant document. No more shuffling through giant appendices to find what you’re looking for. Clicking the link directs the user to the exact document they need.

Keeping Documents Current

Documents are constantly changing. Sometimes updating the business continuity plan is the last thing we think of. The Last Modified date in SHIELD lets the plan manager know when documents were last updated. Using this information, tasks can be assigned from within the SHIELD application to prompt users to review and update anything that is no longer current. If a document is updated while keeping the same name, all hyperlinks and user access will also remain current. When users sync their SHIELD mobile apps, the documents on their phones will also be updated giving them an offline version of all the most current information in the palm of their hand.

We know maintaining and navigating the documentation that supports a Business Continuity Plan can be a challenge, but with SHIELD, you can Keep It Simple and Secure. Visit our website for more information on SHIELD and its associated mobile apps.

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