As 2020 is coming to a close (don’t let the door hit you on the way out!), Santa Phoenix wants to share with you how to do BCP for FREE.

First, FREE BCP software

That’s right!  Santa/King Pheonix has been banging the drum about FREEBCP for a while now and this is completely FREE Shield!  We don’t ask for a credit card, we won’t share your data, we want you to have a BCP, and the best way to do that is to give you a Shield edition that will be free FOREVER!

FREE BCP (forever)

Still on the fence?

Watch the 6:02 video to see why you should consider Shield – FREE Edition

Why FREE Shield?

Second, FREE BCP knowledge

We’ve been doing 10-12 BCP projects annually since 1983.  On top of that, we’ve supported hundreds of BC Planners through our support of Shield.  Using all of that knowledge combined with DRI’s and BCI’s industry guidelines, we’ve put together a BCP-101 class to help you from “buy-in” to “maintaining” your BCP.  It’s 14 short videos with a certificate at the end.  Don’t procrastinate any further, check it out now!


Our prime directive to you

KingsBridge has (and has always had) a “prime directive”.  It is to get your business ready for any and all chaos. Shield is there to give you a place to put the information you’ll need access to at any (unexpected or unplanned for) incident.  In plain words: “#ShieldYOURBusinessFromChaos” It is more than just a tagline or hashtag, it is our promise to you.

About KingsBridge

KingsBridgeBCP offers businesses of all sizes BCP Software Solutions and industry know-how based on best practices.  From a FREE Edition to a Platinum Edition there is a Shield for everyone. Our software packages meet the wide range of our customers’ needs, ensuring we deliver the best value in every project. To learn more about KingsBridge click here.