Think back over the years…

Let’s take a quick look at the state of affairs in 2011:

  • It is one year after the epic 7-magnitude earthquake that ravaged Haiti
  • As a result of summer rains in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, record mudslides and landslides killed 384 people in 24 hours
  • Australia struggles to keep going after record floods displace tens of thousands of people in Queensland

Experts thought that these natural occurrences: floods, landslides, mudslides and earthquakes would become more common; they were right.  Hence our need to be prepared for natural disasters now more than ever. The impacts of these disasters are huge:

  • Lives lost
  • Children orphaned
  • Homes destroyed
  • Businesses ruined and rendered bankrupt
  • Governments struggling to maintain a sense of order

Now is the time to prepare.

Now is not the time to stick your head in the sand and believe that you are safe. Sure, where you live earthquakes, floods and mudslides might not be a factor. But what about severe snowstorms that cause highways to be closed for days, or hurricanes that wreak havoc on homes and businesses? How about the power outages and black outs that happen with ice storms and high winds? Yes, these are also natural disasters. Disaster being the key word here.

Be forward-thinking!

Any or all of these events could have disastrous effects on your business and livelihood. That is, if you’re not prepared. Smart businesses are ready. They pay attention to current events and read the articles about the effects the rain, snow, mud, ice, and wind are having on the bottom lines of their competitors. These businesses have likely done a Threat Risk Assessment and know how these disasters will affect them. They’ve also done a Business Impact Analysis to further determine how this will affect their bottom line and ability to keep operations running successfully.

Furthermore, these forward-thinking companies have taken the next step, working with leading experts to develop a business continuity plan (BCP). Perhaps they’ve brought in a company such as ourselves and made use of our KingsBridge Fast Track program to seamlessly integrate a BCP into day-to-day operations. Or maybe they’ve made use of the latest technology and introduced business continuity planning software such as Shield to their employees – giving everyone 24/7 access to the BCP should it be required.

Really, whichever choice these prepared companies have made when it comes to business continuity planning, they’ve done the right thing. The signs are all there – disasters can strike any time, anywhere. No one is safe, regardless of socioeconomic status or location.

The next question comes down to you… Are you prepared? Have you paid attention to what is going on around you? Are you planning for the future and getting ready to be one of the companies that survives when disaster strikes? For your sake, we hope you are.  Your customers and suppliers do as well….

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