Earlier this morning as I was having my morning coffee with some colleagues from work I received a phone call.  I noticed that it was my wife that was calling me.  As I picked up the phone I noticed right away the tone of her voice, she seemed lazy, almost sleepy.  After asking her about it she told me that she was bored!  She then tells me that she and her entire office floor have had no power for the last two hours!  As a result, she and her co-workers had no computer access.  They were sitting idle for that entire time waiting for the power to come back on.

What surprised me the most?  She didn’t seem bothered in the slightest.

I hung up the phone a couple minutes later and sat at my desk asking myself how would such a conversation be possible.  Being in the business continuity industry this type of scenario seemed absolutely absurd.  How could an entire floor of 70 plus people that work for a Federal Government agency sit there, essentially useless, for hours on end without any thing to do?  As I know my wife’s salary and can make an educated guess of the total salary of all 70 plus workers, I find it completely ridiculous that all that money is being lost and there does not seem to be any sense of urgency among her or her peers.

Unfortunately most people view the field of business continuity as one that deals with major issues.  Things like the fire and brimstone of earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes.  And yet they overlook power outages because they are thought to be a normal acceptable occurrence.  A lack of power does not necessarily mean lack of productivity.  A simple recovery plan would have outlined alternate tasks that could have been completed by my wife and her colleagues while they wait for the lights to come back on.  This would only be one of many options that would certainly provide a much better business outcome compared to a floor full of people twirling their thumbs waiting for power.

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