Since August 2022, we’ve been sharing our knowledge in a podcast series!

Our 15-25 min. episodes come out every 2 weeks and they cover a variety of topics all about Business Continuity (of course).

Here’s what’s been posted so far:

  • S1E1 – Hybrid Workforce. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) can be complete or it can be simple. Join us while we discuss the Hybrid workforce, the great resignation and how they could impact your business, your BCP and your recovery from an incident.
  • S1E2 – No People, Building, Systems or Suppliers. In this edition of the “Shield your Business from CHAOS” podcast, we discuss the No People, No Building, No Systems, No Suppliers response planning method. FYI: this 4-issue approach we use is a simple and remarkably effective way to build your BCP!
  • S1E3 – Join us as we talk with Mark Armour of Adaptive BC. We ask Mark about his past in the business continuity field, his thoughts on present trends and where he thinks business continuity/resiliency should be going in the future.
  • S1E4 – Software or Consultants for building your BCP. Should you buy Business Continuity Planning software and do it yourself, or should you contract BCP consultants? In this video, Skip and Roswitha discuss the value of each and share some cautions around which is best for your business.
  • S1E5 – Discussion of COVID-to-hybrid workforce with Daniel Tschopp, Senior VP, Enterprise Risk Management at Logix Federal Credit Union. Daniel and Roswitha discuss the Business Continuity process taken by Logix FCU when it came to transitioning their credit union to a hybrid work model.
  • S1E6 to S1E9: Dealing with the 15 most common obstacles to your best BCP webinar
    • S1E6 – Part 1 Starting out and having trouble getting buy-in? Start with this episode.
    • S1E7 – Part 2 It’s time to write the plan and common hurdles are the workload, volume of info and 2 other notable issues with the plan & participants.
    • S1E8 – Part 3 This episode is about challenges & how to make exercising the plan a success
    • S1E9 – Part 4 Your BCP is off to a great start, now you need to make sure it stays relevant & current with Maintenance.
  • S1E10 – Business Resilience. Tired of Business Continuity Planning changing its name? Us too! Roswitha and Skip discuss Business Continuity versus Disaster Recovery versus Business Resiliency.
  • S1E11 – How COVID changed BCP (part 1). COVID has changed the landscape for a lot of daily functions. Join Roswitha and Skip for the first of a 4-part series about how COVID has changed BCP.
    • Part 1: Skip & Roswitha discuss new threats & risks created by changes made to working arrangements. Have you reviewed your TRA lately?
    • Part 2: Thanks to COVID, businesses may be able to pause before implementing their BCP (& save $$$) when their staff can work remotely.
    • Part 3: The chat covers company cultures & work-life balance realities, and how Business Continuity plans need significant edits due to workforce changes.
    • Part 4: Skip & Roswitha discuss challenges and opportunities for success with respect to internal communications, expectations, and new ways of working.
  • S1E12 – Skip & Roswitha discuss how companies reluctant to prepare with a good BCP have had to change how they operate due to the pandemic; things that tabletop exercising would’ve made easier.
  • S1E13 – Word is NOT for BCP! Part 1 explains functionality that Word just doesn’t have, that your BCP must.
  • S1E14 – Part 2: More of why Word is NOT for BCP! Even more reasons to use a BCP tool instead of Word. Note: if budget is your reason for veering off to Word, please take a moment to check out our Shield – Free Edition!
  • S1E15 – Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) (the foundation for your Business Impact Analysis) can suffer from scope creep or bloat, and need a tune-up so they contain the right risks for your business. This episode will give you factual examples and more.
  • S1E16 – Part 1 of 4: BCP Consultants or BCP Software, from how things have changed to the 4 types of clients & which solution will give the best outcome.
  • S1E17 – Part 2 of 4: BCP Consultants or BCP Software, how each can really help a smaller business with internal BCP expertise when you spend wisely.
  • S1E18 – Part 3 of 4: BCP Consultants or BCP Software, where Tam provides pointers on when/how BCP Software and/or a Consultant can be valuable for a large organization that has internal expertise. Bonus tip is about integrations.
  • S1E19 – Part 4 of 4: BCP Consultants or BCP Software, covers the most important things to consider, such as cost, customisation, scalability, and more. Whether a small business or a major corporation, this webinar is a must-attend for anybody trying to secure the future of their company.
  • S1E20 – Building a Progressive BCP. Roswitha hosts James Knox for a conversation around creating future resilience & ability to evolve your business, rather than merely carry on after an incident.
  • S1E21 – Mentoring for a Better BCP. Rarely discussed, mentoring can bring greater success to your business continuity program and make critical people better. Gain insight from this podcast with James Mitchell & Roswitha Firth.
  • S1E22 – BCP Career Path. Join Angela Mestre and Roswitha Firth for a discussion about pathways to a successful career in the BCP field.
  • S1E23 – Part 1: If you have (or are considering) cloud-based services, do you still need a BCP? This episode has Christopher Dunbar & Roswitha looking at the risks & more. You may be surprised at the answers.
  • S1E24 – For cloud-based & 3rd party hosted solutions, part 2 is about your relationship with your vendors, contract negotiations, service levels, etc. and how to decide your contingency plan for when their service goes offline.
  • S1E25 – RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) are not always easy to determine when your business has these factors involved. Join Roswitha Firth and guest, Luke Sagoo, as they discuss this aspect of BCPs.
  • S1E26 – Don’t Make Assumptions with Your BCP/DRP. Join Roswitha and Eric as they discuss assumptions and what harm they can do to your BCP. Simple rule: don’t assume anything!

Full videos are available on our Youtube channel and you’ll find the audio-only versions by searching for “Shield your Business from CHAOS” on the Apple Podcast app, Spotify, or wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

Off you go! Go check them out, and drop us a comment about the episode(s) you listened to. Let us know if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover too!

*ear-worm alert: you might find yourself humming the tune we used with the “HOOH!!* 🙂


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