Despite COVID-19, Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, SARS-CoV-2, Wuhan coronavirus or however you refer to what is shaping the world right now, it is a perfect time for BCP (Business Continuity Planning)!  During plan writing, we BCP planners and software developers are always trying to set the scene of what your work environment would be like after an incident.  Well, the scene is already set, so the questions are MUCH easier when you don’t have to guess at the impacts. In the case of a Pandemic, it is right here, right now, in front of everyone.  No longer are you trying to get buy-in or going against the naysayers that believe it will never happen, claiming that you are worried about the sky falling.

How is this a “Perfect Time for BCP”?

Now, if your business is hanging on by a thread, the last thing anyone is going to want to do is spend an hour going over the details of why they are maxed out.  They will be focusing their time trying to keep the lights on.  But for those businesses that have made the transition to a distributed, remote workforce, it’s never too soon to start evaluating how you’re doing and planning for what may be coming next.  There is almost no need to set a scenario to get people into the recovery mindset.  We are living it right now!

Start with these questions:

  • How is the recovery going?
  • What would you do differently?
  • Who and what is critical to our recovery?
  • What resources (systems, vendors, departments, people) are you un-expectantly relying on?
  • Where should we focus next?
  • Are we preparing for supply-chain issues, loss of additional workforce, loss in market demand for our products or services, etc.?

Look for nuggets of invaluable information that will help shape your BCP.

In keeping with the “Perfect Time for BCP” mindset, chances are if your business is showing signs of stress, your vendors (3rd party suppliers) are likely going through similar pain.  How will this impact your business? If there are supply chain (in or out) impacts, does it impact your business?  While you might have months of back stock, if getting it to your customers is impacted because your shipping supplier is dealing with the same COVID-19 restrictions, how will you survive?

Vendor BCP Questionnaire

In an effort to know what to ask your vendors, we’re sharing a simple “Vendor BCP Questionnaire” template for you to reference when it comes to formulating your questions (remember, they are stressed as much as your team, so be brief and to the point).   This document’s goal is to give you a starting point to build your questions, it isn’t to act as a “set in stone” questionnaire to grill them.  All vendor relationships are unique and you will likely need to work with them once this is all over and hard feelings can last a very long time.

We hope this gives you a quick overview of why now is a perfect time for BCP and how you can make massive gains towards a completed Business Continuity Plan that will leave you better prepared for the next interruption.


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