We are just a few days away from 2017, wondering what it will bring.  Everyone is deciding what their New Year’s resolutions will be.  What will you do differently in your personal life?  And what changes are you going to make in your business and professional life?  This is the perfect time to reflect on what went well for your company this past year; and what was less than perfect. It is also the prime time to do some planning and preparation.

Incidents have a global impact.

One only needs to look back on 2016 to remember how many natural disasters occurred.  This was one of the deadliest Atlantic hurricane seasons since 2005, spanning all the way from mid-January to the end of November.  Out of 1,766 deaths this season, 1,659 were attributed to Hurricane Matthew alone.  There were also massive earthquakes in Ecuador, Italy and the Solomon Islands, and rampant wildfires in the Southeastern United States.  At first blush when these incidents are looked at separately, the impact might not be considered all that high.  However when you really think about the global impact of incidents like earthquakes, sudden flooding, snowstorms, power outages, fires, and hurricanes, you quickly realize how these seemingly isolated incidents resulted in real impacts on your bottom line.

The New Year is the timKingsBridge New Yeare to start.

I suggest you take this week to get ready for the year ahead. Do a threat risk assessment.  Really look at the results of this process and consider how these threats will impact your business and bottom-line.  Next, take action.  Work with a proven leader in the industry to put together a business continuity plan. When done effectively, the creation and implementation of this plan doesn’t have a big impact on the day-to-day operations of your business.  Ultimately you will have the peace of mind that your company and its assets are protected in the event of disaster.

Software is your friend!

There are lots of options for flexible and easy to use business continuity planning software. Take a look at the features in our Shield software and you’ll see what I mean.  You can pick between three different levels, each with additional features to keep you organized.  If you have a Shield account, you can also take advantage of our industry-leading Shield Mobile software.

The New Year is a time for changes for the better, and we want help you start on the path to preparedness. Feel free to read through our other blog posts to learn more, you won’t be disappointed!  If you take anything away from our post today it is this: make sure you prepare and plan. Based on the year we had in 2016, you’ll be making 2017 an easier and more profitable year for yourself.

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