Fall brings with it dropping temperatures, rainy days, changing leaves and most significantly for your bottom-line: flu season. Yes, as much as we’d like to forget about this annual threat to our personal and financial health, no one can hide from the all mighty flu. You don’t have to scratch too deep to bring up memories of the H1NI flu pandemic. All trusted news and health sources agree on one thing about the outbreak: we were lucky, really really lucky.

Lucky. Hmm, doesn’t really coincide much with long-term financial and business success does it? Not too often you hear someone say the following about their continued sales growth, “Yep, we were pretty darn lucky to get where we are.” It just doesn’t make business sense to rely on luck.

So why are we content to rely on luck when it comes to something like the flu? Why don’t you have a proactive vaccination plan in place in your office? Have you calculated the number of lost work days attributed to employee sick days for the flu? Are you going to wait until the 2010 flu reaches a pandemic status before reacting? Are you feeling lucky?

Let’s look beyond the fall flu season. Let’s take a glimpse into your computer and poke around your files. Hmm, can’t seem to find a business continuity or disaster recovery plan there. Guess you’re feeling multiple times lucky… You’re willing to take a chance with the flu, with fires, with a power outage, with a flood, with a terrorism threat.

Yes this might all sound a bit harsh and perhaps you’re rolling your eyes and are getting ready to move onto a “feel good” blog that will remind you that the weekend is almost here and that life is hunky dory. Well, apologies for not taking such a stance here. We want you to be ready. We want you to be prepared. You see we’re a little bit selfish – we are protected and ready for any type of disaster and we’d really prefer to work with companies who have the same forward-looking vision.

There is no rolling the dice here and crossing your fingers for luck when it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery. You must be prepared and ready. So, use the flu season as an excuse to get your decision-makers and knowledge-holders in a room. Print out this blog post. Give it to them and make them read it. And then do something. Make a plan. Do some research. Get protected.

You’ll thank your lucky stars you took our advice.

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