On Friday morning I woke up to my radio blasting news about the gas explosion in San Francisco.  I listened to the reporter describe the scene of absolute chaos with over 60 homes destroyed and people reported missing and dead.  What a terrible thing to hear first thing in the morning….

But what is more worrisome is how are these people going to cope?  Imagine your home is lost – gone – exploded – literally. Everything you have and know is now gone.  Yes, this is a disaster – on so many levels.  Apart from the economic levels there is also the emotional impact that this disaster will have.  Imagine the stress and shear panic of losing everything you own.  What do you do?  Where do you turn?  Who do you call?

This is exactly the reason why we all need to be ready and prepared for a disaster or threat.  Now, there is no way of knowing that a gas line explosion was going to happen…  But with a few steps taken on all of our parts we can all be ready and prepared in the event of such a disaster.  As you can see disasters don’t only affect your business – they affect your life, your family, your sense of self.

So do yourself a favour and do your neighbours one as well: get yourself prepared.  There are no reasons not to.  Visit the following sites and follow the instructions – be ready:

These two websites are an effort to prepare citizens such as ourselves for a disaster.  There is a reason why President Obama proclaimed September as National Preparedness Month.

We all need to be ready.  Don’t rely on someone else to look out for you.  In times of disaster and threat, we all need to be able to care of ourselves.  So this weekend, do something for yourself and your community – visit these websites – and protect yourself.

Really, you just never know. As the saying goes “Better safe than sorry”.

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