Welcome to the KingsBridge Castle Chronicles!

In an effort to make Business Continuity Planning (BCP) fun and easy to follow along, KingsBridge has created a visual way to learn about BCP and how our Shield software can make your planning more streamlined.  Join us over the series as we follow the adventures of King Phoenix using his knowledge and his tools (Shield) to beat Chaos the Dragon with his destructive powers.

Chaos the Disaster Dragon

Think of all the chaos that any interruption to your business causes.

We’ve taken all of those and rolled them into one single “enemy” that King Phoenix with his army of knowledge and tools will have to defeat before the kingdom (your business) is threatened or defeated.

Chaos is a wiley adversary who preys on complacency and can ruin your kingdom before you know what to do.

King Phoenix

King Phoenix is a formidable soul!  He has been protecting kingdoms since 1983.  While that might not seem like a long existence, in the field of BCP that is an eternity!  Armed with his experience and his trusty Shield solution, follow his adventures in protecting kingdoms from Chaos the Disaster Dragon.

King Phoenix’ Shield is a simple and powerful tool for protecting kingdoms!  Don’t let it’s basic appearance fool you.  It has handled many of Chaos’ antics flawlessly.

KingsBridge Castle Chronicles Episode 1

KingsBridge Castle Chronicles Episode 2

KingsBridge Castle Chronicles Episode 3

KingsBridge Castle Chronicles Episode 4