This is one of the best pieces of creative writing advice I’ve ever read. Too often, we don’t write “it” down because “it” is not perfect, yet.   When I first heard that line, it was in a screenwriting course I took in my spare time. (Back when I had spare time!) The message being that too many great stories never get told because the author doesn’t think “it” is good enough to share…”it” just needs a little more time.

I wonder how many screenwriters never received Oscars because they were too shy to share their work.

I thought of “Don’t get it right, get it written” on a call with a prospective customer today. Your Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan (BC/DRP) is no different from a screenplay. Ok, ok, Bruce Willis is not going to rappel through your office window to save you when you activate your BC/DRP.   The point is that ANY plan is better than NO plan.

Do you have a reminder in Outlook to work on your BC/DRP? Have you been pushing it to tomorrow, or next week, every time it pops up in your calendar, for months? The bad news is that you really do have to start working on your plan. The good news is that you don’t have to make it “perfect” today. Just start on it.  That’s all it takes to go from “No Plan” to “A better plan than 63% of the companies in my industry”.

“It” will be incomplete, and full of holes when you start, but even then “it” will get you back up and running faster than your competitor, who likely doesn’t have a plan either.

From there, it’s easier. Do it in bite-size pieces, make improvements here and there, and just keep plugging away a bit at a time. It might surprise you what you can accomplish with just 20 minutes a week.

This blog post isn’t perfect, but I put “It” out there because it’s better than no post at all. Your BC/DRP is the same.

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