Free BCP

King Phoenix decreed “FREE BCP for thee!

King Phoenix felt the need to protect all businesses from Chaos, so he asked KingsBridge to make a FREE BCP planning software available to everyone.

In one decree he has ensured that all businesses can protect themselves from Chaos using KingsBridge Shield, a proven Business Continuity Planning (BCP) tool.

Introducing KingsBridge Shield – Free Edition

Free Shield doesn’t give you all of the features of our other (Silver, Gold or Platinum) editions.  You DO get the same cloud hosting; the same templated content, the same workflow and the same security.  Shield – Free Edition is designed to give you a free alternative for building your BCP.  Most free BCP planning solutions require you to download documents (Word or PDF) from the internet, post them somewhere so you’ll have access whenever you have an incident and attempt (usually in vain) to keep them current.  While this might give you a good start, it doesn’t give you access to your plan from anywhere, it doesn’t give you database management and it doesn’t give you custom reports like Shield – Free Edition does.


Still not sure about Shield – Free Edition? See “Why Shield Free is right for me“!


Complete the form below to start your free BCP planning with a professional level planning tool that will help you build, manage and maintain your BCP with confidence.  If at any point you need some help on how Shield works, check out our Support section.