An article in the Globe and Mail caught my eye this morning.  This article is about earthquakes.  And yes, I mean earthquakes in Canada.  This is not something we really think about as Canadians.  Most of us believe that earthquakes are simply not a threat to our homes and our businesses.

But according to some of Canada’s major insurance companies, we should all be thinking ahead and getting ourselves ready for earthquakes. The article states:

“Twenty to 50 per cent of the economic losses after an earthquake will be caused by interruption of business activity due to failure of critical infrastructure, adds the report, which was sponsored by Lloyd’s of London. ‘It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when, I’m afraid,’ Richard Ward, the CEO of the British-based insurer, said in an interview this week.”

This all brings me to the nugget of this blog post, and I think you know what it is.  Are you ready?  Is your company ready for an earthquake?  Even a small tremor can lead to disruption in your business infrastructure and potentially cost your business.  Four thousand earthquakes hit Canada each year.  It’s time to do that threat risk assessment and determine how you will keep your business running if you feel the ground shake.

To learn more about this, read Canada Not Prepared for Major Earthquake Insurers Warn.

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