I walked into the hotel lobby at a client site a few weeks ago to get some tea and review my notes for the day’s meetings.  A businessman was sitting at a table near the coffee stand, and was clearly in the middle of an important phone call.  From what I could overhear, he was talking with someone in his IT department.  It went something like this:

“Ok, so did you check all the hardware connections?”  pause  “No, that wouldn’t help.  You might have to shutdown and reboot.”  exasperated sigh  “Ok, well I’m in a hotel on the West coast so I can’t come in.  But, I’ll do what I can to walk you through the steps over the phone.”

Document your core processes

So many of the organizations that hire us have gaps in their documentation.  When we ask them why core process steps aren’t written out, we get the usual responses.  “We don’t need to write it down, we all know how to do it.”  Or “We don’t have the time, do you see how understaffed we are?!”  The struggle is real!  It usually takes a large-scale outage to convince a team to get their core processes written down.  An outage on the scale of a few hours could have been measured in minutes if documentation existed.

Make the time

Trust me, the benefits outweigh the costs!  Make the time – jot down how to reboot your servers (or your core switches, or whatever it happens to be).  Your supervisors will be thrilled that you had the foresight to put this critical information in writing – even if it’s on a post-it!  Hence, your planning will save the business from operational, financial, and even reputational risks.  

Are you the only one in your department that knows how to complete tasks?  Documenting these steps is even more important.  With everything written down, you can be confident during your trip to the West coast.  And, you won’t need to field 6am phone calls because your staff will have everything they need at their fingertips.

This is just one of the many business continuity and disaster recovery practices that your organization should think about.

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