Each year as winter gets closer our clients start to think about winter weather and how it impacts their business.  If you are one of the lucky ones in the south, pray for a warm winter and no snow!  But as always, we are asked the same thing every year – “How can we better protect our business?”  While this is a valid question, there are lots of other factors to take into account.  First and foremost, what is a disruption?  Second, How does it differ from a disaster?

Disruptions start small…

A disruption starts small.  If you look at any self-respecting business continuity and disaster recovery planning website, it talks about varying levels of Armageddon.  These large-scale disasters include things like fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and the like.  While those threats are all reasonable ones to plan for, remember to consider what is likely impact your business.  A 2010 Gartner/Disaster Recovery Journal survey shows that 7 other threats are more likely to impact your business (Power Failure, IT Hardware Failure, Network Failure, Winter Storm, Human Error, Flood, IT Software Failure).  Notice anything about most of these?  None of them start as disasters, they start as disruptions!

So when you are doing your planning, why are you planning for something that has a 6% likelihood (Fire in the same survey)? You should be planning for something with a 44% likelihood (Power Failure).  Hence, when it comes to disasters it would seem we are blinded by “the big one” and don’t notice the real threats to our business.

…and become Disasters

So what’s the big deal with disruptions turning into disasters?  With a proper business continuity and disaster recovery plan, disruptions don’t turn into disasters.  In essence, you won’t waste any more time, money, or other resources than needed when responding to, and recovering from, disasters.  Do don’t let coffee spilt into your exchange server ruin your business!  Have a plan that stops your disruption at a disruption before it turns into a disaster.

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