Rain, Water, and Floods

floods, food, honest mistakes

Our sponsored cyclo-cross racer Vicki Thomas, is currently living in Belgium following her cyclo-cross racing dreams.  We recently spoke to her last week and she told us of the intense rain Belgium was currently experiencing.  For Vicki all this really meant was some wet and soggy training rides but she quickly realized that the rain […]

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Lessons To Remember

lessons learned

You’ve done everything right: You have a plan Your plan is tested and verified You’ve trained your team members Your plan is maintained Disaster strikes!  Now what?  You know you’re prepared, but still there is some nervousness and uncertainty.  You can relax knowing that your business continuity plan is working for you, but it is still essential […]

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Are You Acting on Past Lessons?

past lessons

Just last week we posted on this blog about the World Health Organization’s announcement about the end of the H1N1 pandemic…. And now less than a week later, we’re reading about a new possible threat to our health and safety. That’s right, the NDM-1 enzyme which creates an antibiotic bacteria. This superbug can live within bacteria. […]

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Disasters don’t have to be huge!

huge disaster

Last week our sponsored cyclo-cross racer, Vicki Thomas, had a near disaster of her own.  No, luckily this did not involve a car meets bike or bike racer meets big tree type of disaster.  This disaster, while not affecting her personal health, definitely could have had a big impact on her bike racing, career, and […]

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How much is “Snowmageddon” impacting your business?


The current “Snowmageddon” that has gripped Washington and most of the North East is a perfect example of what we try to impart to our clients.  It doesn’t take a major event such as hurricane, flood, earthquake, etc. to cause a significant impact to your bottom line.  Let’s take a quick look. So what is the […]

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