How Third Party Decisions Can Ruin Your Business – Flooding

Morganza Spillway

In 2011, both the U.S. and Canada experienced a very specific risk scenario.  There was groundbreaking flooding from heavy winter snows and rains. In both countries, flood gates were opened to flood some areas in order to protect others.  Third parties – Government officials – made hard choices in order to protect the greater good. In the United States… Army […]

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Being Prepared

Queensland Flooding

Think back over the years… Let’s take a quick look at the state of affairs in 2011: It is one year after the epic 7-magnitude earthquake that ravaged Haiti As a result of summer rains in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, record mudslides and landslides killed 384 people in 24 hours Australia struggles to keep going after record […]

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But This Never Happens…

This never happens

It is winter.  As happens in winter, Europe and the United Kingdom get their fair share of snow, ice and generally wintery weather. This happens every year. But for some reason, government officials, city officials and even the residents of these snow-covered communities insist that this “never happens”.  Unfortunately, things have changed and winter is now […]

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Rain, Water, and Floods

floods, food, honest mistakes

Our sponsored cyclo-cross racer Vicki Thomas, is currently living in Belgium following her cyclo-cross racing dreams.  We recently spoke to her last week and she told us of the intense rain Belgium was currently experiencing.  For Vicki all this really meant was some wet and soggy training rides but she quickly realized that the rain […]

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Lessons To Remember

lessons learned

You’ve done everything right: You have a plan Your plan is tested and verified You’ve trained your team members Your plan is maintained Disaster strikes!  Now what?  You know you’re prepared, but still there is some nervousness and uncertainty.  You can relax knowing that your business continuity plan is working for you, but it is still essential […]

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Are You Acting on Past Lessons?

past lessons

Just last week we posted on this blog about the World Health Organization’s announcement about the end of the H1N1 pandemic…. And now less than a week later, we’re reading about a new possible threat to our health and safety. That’s right, the NDM-1 enzyme which creates an antibiotic bacteria. This superbug can live within bacteria. […]

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