We can always learn from the past, so why should Business Continuity be any different? Celebrate what worked in a situation and learn from the mistakes. Every past incident won’t be the same as every future incident, but the impact of past incidents will repeat itself in the future.

Firefighter in wreckage

Being Prepared

Think back over the year… Let’s take a quick look at the state of affairs in 2020: Record wildfires through much of the Western US Above average tornado activity Two severe derecho events, one in the Midwest (making the list of billion-dollar events for 2020, second only to Hurricane Laura) Currently tied for most active…

H1N1 lessons

H1N1 Lessons Learned?

Way back on November 9, 2009, we first wrote about the H1N1 flu virus.  In the beginning it was just another typical “winter flu”, and quickly became much more than that.  Seemingly overnight, we went from flu epidemic to flu pandemic. Cue the panic.  The stress.  And chaos. No one was prepared.  The international health…

lessons learned

Lessons To Remember

You’ve done everything right: You have a plan Your plan is tested and verified You’ve trained your team members Your plan is maintained Disaster strikes!  Now what?  You know you’re prepared, but still there is some nervousness and uncertainty.  You can relax knowing that your business continuity plan is working for you, but it is still essential…