We can always learn from the past, so why should Business Continuity be any different? Celebrate what worked in a situation and learn from the mistakes. Every past incident won’t be the same as every future incident, but the impact of past incidents will repeat itself in the future.

lessons learned

Lessons To Remember

Keep in mind these lessons You know you’ve done everything right: You have a plan Your plan has been tested and verified You’ve trained your team members Your plan is maintained Disaster strikes! Now what? You know you’re prepared, but still there is some nervousness and uncertainty. You can relax knowing that your Business Continuity…

Risk Mitigation route

Risk Mitigation

We mitigate risk in our daily lives all the time. Sometimes, risk mitigation is unthinking, even automatic, like fastening your seatbelt before driving. Or wearing light colored clothes while jogging at night. It is why we designate a driver if we plan to drink on a night out with friends. Other times, it’s not simple.…