The Business Continuity blog posts are all geared towards the field of Business Continuity.  In here we want to show you that Business Continuity isn’t that scary, it isn’t that hard, it really is just a giant project that needs to be steered, guided and managed to make sure it continues to deliver on schedule.  If deadlines are too short, or expectations are too high, the project will fail simply because it’s unattainable.  For more than 30 years, we have been building plans/exercising/auditing and updating BCP Plans.  Read here to learn from our successes, our mistakes and above all our experiences!  If any of the posts aren’t clear, or you have questions.  Feel free to comment at the bottom of the post and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible.


COVID19 and your response

You can’t get very far these days without hearing about how the COVID19 virus or ‘coronavirus’ is having devastating impacts in some countries and causing significant supply-chain issues in others. Many people are now scrambling, looking for a specific pandemic plan that they can put in place should COVID19 impact their company.  Most do not realize…